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Lopez De' Dopez

Love, passion, desire and a dream are all the key ingredients that helps to create a vision. Said by Sieblo Zubah. Born and raised in Accra Ghana, with a Liberian heritage this multi ethnic performer known for his stage name ‘Lopez de dopez’ is an Afrocentric artist. This 22-year-old: dancer, singer, rapper and hip-hop performer started his soul mission within music from a young age.

Inspired by his young daughter to lead a compassionate life. This Artist, aspires to create a more unique type of art. Motivated to change the world, he set out to create his name in his imagine, leading him to dedicating several years of his life to his creative sound.

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Free Minds Collective (@FMC) we appreciate creative talents ranging from all art forms. At (FMC) we have created a platform, were artists have the ability to creatively express “self” through different mode of languages. Welcome, to the new era of sound, were we provide natural creative arts.

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