Born and raised by ‘love’ Siergo Bisimwa is a French revolutionist known for his passion, desires and dreams. Recognised by stage name Boy23, has been working on his craft for the past 25 years. To which he has had many adversities, the Congo born man relocated to Burundi at the age of ten and then lived there for several years. Along his journey, Bisimwa studied many instruments, brining about a desire to dig deeper into his Uganda roots. From a young age Bisimwa, has been in the church choir singing the gospel of music. Inspired by his family to take a different path, Siergo decided to take his art to the world to enlighten and inspire others through self. The interconnectedness of all things surrounds us, with the presence of a higher spirit. If we can use that spirit to bring about change through art, we can break the chains of life. We are all destined for great things, it is written in the stars. Music will always be my soul mission, as it enables me to freely live in my spirit. Blessed with the gift of singing Boy23 decided to take his dreams further at the age of fifteen. Where he recorded his first song, business along- side his crew Base life. His creative talents later led him to learning various types of instrumentals like: drums, panino, guitar, vocal and directing skills. An artist’s journey is never easy but having something greater to focus on keeps the journey going and along the way, you learn the art of family. Dreams can become real with the right team by your side and working along- side Prince Garna, the founder of Free Mind Collective. Has inspired me with working with different genres of music, ranging from: afro beats, hip hop, reggae, rnb, rap, dancehall and singer song writing to express my own unique style. 

Inspired by his young daughter to lead a compassionate life. Siergo, aspires to create a more unique type of art. Motivated to change the world, Boy23 set out to create his name in his imagine, leading him to dedicating several years of his life to his creative sound. Perfection is the result of constancy said Siergo it brings about change and what is a mindset without change. By Planting a seed of inspiration, the seed can manifest and become a strong tool. If we uproot our sorrows and shake the yellow leaves from the bough of your heart. It grows fresh green leaves within its place. Music gives abundance to the heart and soul, my love for music is the inducement to my passions. The gift of life is a precious thing, if governed correctly. It can bring about great ideas, roots, faith and a belief system that is unstoppable. Persistence is what keeps my desire for music going, it is the truth that will set our mind, body, and soul free. I can accept myself and still strive to grow, heal and take responsibility for my behaviour. I am an active participant in who I am becoming. My roots motivated me in the struggles it taught me the value of absolute freedom. How others view you, should not matter, more than how you view self. Words are created for communication, what we communicate we achieve. My aim in life is to continue creating and producing my art to world.

Divine inspirations can create a change in space for interconnectedness. As it allows room for our outwards man to perish, each and every day so our inward man can be renewed day by day. Knowledge is key to life; the power of wisdom can take you from one simple dimension to another, in a moment. I have always believed education is the way forward, with a current bachelor’s degree in Information technology (IT) and in the process of completing his masters in programming. Siergo believes that "Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness”. Freedom is a state of mind, we all have this gift within us to hold firm and strong whilst building a better world.

Spending one’s energy focused on the trials and tribulations, can cloud your mind from a higher source of self. Creating a holding power over your soul existence. Why let youre mind roam to the unpredictability and uncertainty that life brings. Through my journey, I have learnt to succumb to what cannot be changed. But instead to flow with changes like: faith, love, beliefs, passions, and a dream. One does not need to control life but to trust that there is a higher power in control of all things. A higher purpose helps to navigate you being the co- creator of life from start to finish, so why not go with the flow. Life is and will forever be the light of men and with that light, comes choices to be great. 

Written by Shawnakay S Ramsay


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