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Love, passion, desire and a dream are all the key ingredients that helps to create a vision. Said by Sieblo Zubah. Born and raised in Accra Ghana, with a Liberian heritage this multi ethnic performer known for his stage name ‘Lopez de dopez’ is an Afrocentric artist. This 22-year-old: dancer, singer, rapper and hip-hop performer started his soul mission within music from a young age. Where he was taught the beauties of instrumentals from a third generational, music loving family. Born August 8th 1997, Sieblo Zubah knew he was destined for greatness. However, just like every single human person we all face adversities and struggles, and ‘Lopez de dopez’ had his fair shares of adversities, but one thing is for certain. He never gave up on his higher purpose and believing in a higher power greater than oneself, to which continues to elevate him and aid him along his journey. As many of us know, life gets hard and the struggle can sometimes over take us. Nonetheless, his passions and dreams for the hustle of life to be greater, to achieve greater and to help elevate others.


Drove him to want to be higher than the illusions of his adversities to think, feel and see outside the box. The enlightenment of the ‘gospel’ of music influenced him to want to create and help shape the identity of virtuality. To inspire others through his faith, believe, dream and hope through oneself. From a very young age Lopez, has had many idolise to which inspired him to become the man he is today. Through these idolise they have taught him various gifts, of versatility on how to not just categories oneself to limits. But to think on all things, as one soul. Filled with limitless inspiration, abundance, love, passion, hopes, dreams, and an expression of oneness. Life is but a dream, to which has many choices to dance, dream, desire and to manifest anything one thinks, feel, touch, taste and see. As an adolescent teen ‘Lopez de dopez’ has always been energised with a higher spiritual purpose, to do great wonders upon the earth. By bringing cultivated culture from a higher source to shed light on new ways of living. To radically wanting to aid others on their own path, to strive to become the best version of themselves. To look up to their own innate direction, knowledge, purpose, desire and dreams through ancient higher source of powers. Along his journey, Sieblo has had many influencers of faith toward his soul. To which has navigated his energies, aiding to assist, inspire, encourage and to positively connect to a secular society on a lighter path. Through engaging forms of art that aim to bring people happiness, joy and oneness.


‘Lopez de dopez’ musical history began in 2008 when he and his family migrated to Australia seeking better opportunities for oneself. With a desire and willingness for a greater future young Sieblo wanted to change the world for the better. To which then lead him to realising and unlocking his instrumental gift of dancing. He later inspired a dance crew ‘B street boys’ where he learnt various types of arts: hip hop, martial arts, break dancing, jazz, contemporary and classical moves to help diversify his identity. Dance has always been one of Sieblo’s, many passions as he believe. It is a way forward to expose more form of arts and to spiritually broaden his field of life. His passion to creatively express himself through his mind, body, soul and spirit enables him to have the ability to overcome many of his obstacles. To keep grinding on his passions, dreams and belief’s to never give up on his higher purpose.


“Limitation can dull the soul” said Mr Zubah. Musical arts, are and always will be the poetry to the soul and justice. The multi-talented artist can sing, dance, rap and rhyme and is still in the process of furthering his musical talents. He has always believed in the multi-lingual languages of music to form identities in genres to bring about versality, instead of limitations. His passion for friendships and lovingkindness towards all things has ranged his gifts from all types of music that is feeding to his soul.


His higher purpose has and will always destined him for great things, that’s what a higher source of power is to what ‘Lopez de dopez’ represents. So, feel free at any given time to check out his music. It’s DOPE, dreams are something we must have to believe, hope, love and be one with one another, so let’s keep dreaming guys. Never give up on one’s dream and let’s stop living powerless lives. Why blend in when you can stand out, shine bright and freely live in a higher power in one spirit, with the higher power.



Written by Shawnakay S Ramsay

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